WP7. Dissemination and exploitation of knowledge (Co-deputy leadership P1/P5, all P, M1-M36)

Dissemination within the scientific community of results and new knowledge obtained in the project aims at strengthening and reinforcing international research activities by pursuing collaborations beyond the consortium and by multiplication of networking, especially with scientists involved in others JPI HDHL joint actions such as DEDIPAC (“Determinants of diet and physical Activity” www.dedipac.eu) and ENPADASI. The WP7 will ensure public dissemination of FiberTAG research activities to the scientific community, clinicians, dieticians, health policy makers, general public and the food industry. We will identify key target groups for future communication activities through establishment of a comprehensive contact list of key stakeholders in Europe and Canada and beyond, including the Centre for European Nutrition and Health (CENS), the Nutrition Hub of ECRIN, the Belgium, French, German and UK Nutrition Societies, the FORCE network (French Obesity Research Centre of Excellence, labeled by FCRIN), the Federation of the European Nutrition Societies, the local Federation of Food industries. Furthermore, this WP will make sure that the expected short-term and long-term impacts of the results from FiberTAG and will be achieved via a professional, consortium-wide approach to the exploitation of intellectual property, taking into account shared rules defined and accepted by all from the outset of the project. The already strong involvement of FiberTAG investigators with research networks such as the JPI HDHL joint actions (DEDIPAC, MIRDIET and ENDAPASI), ECRIN Nutrition network, and other EU initiatives will also provide fertile ground for strengthening and reinforcing international research activities. To ensure partnership communication and sharing, besides personal acquaintance and socialization during meetings, all telecommunication technologies will be made available. Public relations activities and networking will be consolidated by a setup of a FiberTAG public internet website and digital leaflet of the project will be set up; a FiberTAG logo will be designed to generate visual identity for the project. This task will also handle all the project correspondence and the day-to-day requests not only from partners but also from other external bodies to promote communication and sharing at operational level. Concerning intellectual property right (IPR) management and authorship for publishing, purposes will be debated in the beginning stages of the project in the scientific cooperation agreements.

Deliverables (D) and Milestones (M) of WP7 with delivery date

D7.1 dissemination, exploitation and IPR plans (M12,M24)
D7.2 scientific cooperation agreements (M3)
D7.3 communication and dissemination tools (M12)
D7.4 a logo and website for the FiberTAG concept (M8)
D7.5 publications and communications at international scientific meetings (M18,M24,M30,M36)
M7.1 validation by all partners of the dissemination plans (M12,M24)
M7.2 approval of the visual design of the project (logo, website,..) (M9)
M7.3 skateholder analysis roadmap to develop a coherent communication strategy (M10,M22)

Risk: No significant results on the metabolic impacts of the chitin-glucan in the intervention studies

Mitigation measure: All valorization issues will be addressed in the consortium agreement.