FiberTAG abstracts have been submitted for oral or poster presentations to the ESPEN 2020 Congress (19-22 September) in Lyon, France.

A FiberTAG conference during the next FENS conference (13th European Nutrition Conference – Malnutrition in an obese world: European perspectives, 15-18 October 2019, The Convention Centre Dublin, Ireland)

Past events and communications about the FiberTAG Project:
Type of Event Name, place, date
Partner(s) involved
Oral Communication/ Poster Targeted public
Participation in scientific congress / conference / workshop Belgian Nutrition Society

Seventh annual meeting, April 21th, 2017

All A. Neyrinck et al., tagging dietary fiber intake and their interest for health by measuring biomarkers related to the gut microbiota: The FiberTAG project. scientists
University of Alberta, Alberta Diabetes Institute, 2018 UoA N. Nguyen. , Exploring the modulation of the human gut microbiota composition and metabolic function by supplmentation of dietary arabinoxylan. scientists
World Academic Colloquium, Paris,2017 UCL-MNUT Delzenne, Dietary management of gut barrier function : a need for  biomarkers in the development of therapeutic tools. scientists
Organisation of scientific congress/Conference / FiberTAG Conference, June 2018, Brussels All Delzenne, Presentation of the past, present and future of dietary fiber

Laville, Dietary fiber and Health : What we can expect and how to explore it?

Bischoff, Assessment of gut microbiota composition and function in the development of biomarkers

Walter, Biomarkers of Gut barrier function and gut microbiota: where are we in 2018?


Scientist and general Public
Program meeting Mid term symposium: organized by the JPI, July 2018, The Hague All N. Delzenne, FiberTAG
TAGging dietary Fiber intake and their interest for health by measuring biomarkers related to the gut microbiota
Experts and project coordinators funded by the call ERA-HDHL