WP1. Coordination and project management (P1 leader, all P + SEAB; M1-M36)

The coordinator will be responsible for the overall coordination and management of the project and will work in cooperation with the academic and industrial partners. A project management plan will be developed as part of the WP1 deliverables. A governance structure will be put in place to support the research program. This WP will allow the smooth realization of the project and the optimization of the timing of activities and resources, so that scientific and administrative goals can be fully embraced.

Task 1.1 Overall operational coordination of the project activities, monitoring and reporting

Task 1.2. Management of project boards, partnership communication and sharing

Task 1.3. Organization of kick-off and periodical meetings

Task 1.4. Legal, financial and administrative management

Deliverables (D) and Milestones (M) of WP1 with delivery date
D1.1 project management plan (M3)
D1.2 minutes of all the meetings with and without the SEAB (M2,M7,M13,M19,M25,M31,M36)
D1.3 sharing box (M3)
D1.4 templates for reporting (M11,M23,M35)
D1.5 reporting (M12,M24,M36)
M1.1 Validation by all partners of the project management plan by all partners (M4)
M1.2 Date of the kick off meeting (M1)
Risk: Liaising with all partners within the contributing consortia. Mitigation measure: Within each partner centers, several persons will be identified to follow the progress and issues of each task.
Risk: Unexpected technical problems. Mitigation measure: Reevaluation of timetable with the agreement of the JPI.