WP6. Data management (Co-deputy leadership P1/P2, P3, P4; M1-M36)

This WP coordinates the storage, the process (statistical analyses), the share of (meta)data collected and the statistical analysis from existing cohorts or generated in the intervention studies as well as fulfills the compliance to the ethical matters and intellectual properties.

Task 6.1. Data collection

Task 6.2. Integration of the results

Deliverables (D) and Milestones (M) of WP6 with delivery date

D6.1 data Management Plans (DMPs) (M6,M18)
D6.2 data Integration Plans (DIPs) (M12, M24)
D6.3 SOPs for data collection (M3, M12)
M6.1 Validation of all procedures for data collection (M12,M24)
M6.2 Validation by all partners of the DMPs (M12,M24) and DIPs (M18, M30)

Risk: Server failure.

Mitigation measure: The data base (for data from existing cohorts) will be hosted on the secured UCL server (specific backup, login access…). The data from interventional studies will be stored in the ENPADASI data base